Leave a Legacy that will reach generations to come!

Help touch the future by leaving a charitable gift in your will or estate to Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles. Whether you think of yourself as wealthy or not – your generous gift can make a tremendous impact over time. Leaving a legacy of life to Founders MCCLA is easy, and a simple directive in your will brings much-needed support to our life-saving work.

There are many ways for you to make a difference through planned giving beyond a monetary donation. You can leave stocks, real estate, insurance policies and personal property to Founders MCCLA. You can also make Founders MCCLA a beneficiary of your life insurance, pension plan or IRA.

Contact a financial advisor (financial planner, lawyer or accountant) to ask for help in establishing a charitable gift to Founders MCCLA , and to ensure you have an up-to-date will that reflects your desire to leave a legacy to Founders MCCLA.

To further discuss opportunities in leaving a charitable gift to Founders MCCLA, please contact the Church Office at 323-669-3434 or e-mail us at admin@mccla.org