Christine Daniels Annual Scholarship

Christine Daniels

No matter your sexual orientation or your gender identity (LGBT/GNC) – we are all born into a world that fragments and confuses our identity, and we are all somewhere on this journey. Christine Daniels, formerly known as sports journalist Mike Penner, was a nationally-recognized writer for the Los Angeles Times.
She became a member of MCCLA in March of 2007. Her subsequent gender-transformation was viewed as the most significant event in decades (LA Times, 26th April 2007). She was much in demand for public interviews and speaking at national meetings. However public and personal pressures resulted in an emotional breakdown, and led to her death on 27th November, 2009. On the Franklin Ave campus, MCCLA held Christine’s memorial service on 16th Jan. 2010.

She was highly motivated when lecturing on transgender issues to high school and college students. It is therefore most appropriate that Founders MCC gives awards befitting the legacy of Christine Daniels to our qualifying LGBT and Gender Non-discriminating (GNC) students. Since its inauguration a decade ago, 41 awards ($500 each) have been given out.

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