Connect with us!

At Founders Metropolitan Community Church, we believe that “church” is more than just dynamic, inspirational and praise filled worship on Sundays. We have a full schedule of events, programs, life and spiritual enrichment opportunities throughout the week.

Visit our Calendar to find out what’s going on at the church, and there are also 12-Step meetings and other events, as well. This is a Google calendar and you have the option of inviting friends to the various events.

To help you grow spiritually, we offer Bible Studies, Book Studies, Discipleship classes, as well as workshops such as Creating a Life that Matters.

In the Creating Community area, you will find a number of ways to get connected with others with similar interests. We have groups such as: TRANS*Formation Unity, Azania, and more. We know that you will find a way to create community here.

You may also connect with our Latino/Spanish Speaking community: Iglesia Comunidad Metropolitana Fundadora, here.

We look forward to your visit here at FMCC!