Weddings & Holy Unions

Getting Married? Why not get married at the church that started it all?

Founders Metropolitan Community Church Los Angeles was the first church in the nation to perform same-sex holy unions more than forty years ago.

Today we are happy to officiate weddings for same-sex and opposite-sex couples at our facility or offsite.

Here are some answers to some important questions:

Our Location

We are located in the beautiful Los Feliz community of Los Angeles, adjacent to Hollywood and close to Silverlake. Located one block from the major intersection of Vermont Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard, our address is 4607 Prospect Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90027

Our Facilities

Our warm, inviting, and full air-conditioned sanctuary seats 350 guests comfortably. A separate Chapel accommodates 50 guests comfortably.

Stained glass windows and pews bring a special ambiance into this church, welcoming you down the aisle.

Photo by Dirk Williams

Here are more photos of the main sanctuary space:

Services and Fees

We are pleased to be able to accommodate your needs,
whether you choose to get married at the church or at a location of your choice.
Fees for your Special Day:

  • Sanctuary  $500 (includes clean-up)
  • Chapel          $150
  • Sound           $100
  • Video             $150 (Leave with a four-camera switched professional DVD recording)
  • Video + Live Broadcast/YouTube Recording: $200
  • Pianist          $100
  • Soloist          $100
  • Reception Hall $300
  • Officiant     $400 (Our licensed and ordained minister’s fee includes pre-planning meetings, service preparation, ceremony, certificate. Additional fees will be required for rehearsals and off-site weddings/holy unions).

To book an appointment to speak with one of our ministers:

Contact Jeffery Jones
jeffery AT mccla DOT org
(323) 669-3434, ext 105


You may ask for any of our ordained clergy to perform your ceremony. You will be put in touch with them after you speak with our building manager, Jeffery Jones at (323) 669-3434, ext.105 (jeffery AT mccla DOT org)

Please fill out this short form if you have questions

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We would be delighted to offer you referrals for additional services (cake, music, flowers, photography, videography, and more)

We look forward to hearing from you and making your special day a reality!

Contact Rev. Dr. Kevin Downer via the form above or at (323) 669-3434, ext.102 or Rev. Alejandro Escoto at (323) 669-3434, ext.107.